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No Training Sessions today  
Training News   Training at Crowle extended for a further two weeks
Can all those wishing to continue for the further two weeks at Crowle, please make payment asap to secure your place.
Important information - Covid 19
Posted by lisa on 21 September
We are aware that there has been a confirmed case of Covid 19 at South Axholme Academy, and that some children from various year groups have been asked to isolate until the 5th Oct.
As with anyone isolating swimmers must NOT attend the swimming sessions held by South Axholme Sharks.

If you could let us know if this affects your child, we would be grateful.

Thank you for your cooperation at this time.
Ros Hather
Covid Lead
South Axholme Sharks
Additional Limited Training Spaces Available
Posted by Sally on 07 September
The club has been lucky enough to secure more pool time at Crowle until we are able to commence training at Epworth, this takes us up until October now.

These are open to swimmers who have not already been allocated a session. The sessions are pre-book only.

If you are interested and would like to book a slot please contact the Club:
DARTES September Sprints - CANCELLED
Posted by Paul on 07 September
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We have now received the following email from Doncaster DARTES about their September Sprints Meet.

It will come as no surprise to you all but the September Sprints meet due to take place this weekend has had to be cancelled. Due to the current situation we have no option but to take this course of action.

We would like to thank you for all your support with this gala and we obviously wish things were different.

We hope to see you all competing at a Dartes run gala in 2021!

Viking Sprints 2020 - postponed
Posted by lisa on 25 August
We have now had confirmation from Team Jorvik that they have again postponed their Viking Sprints gala (should have been in June then September). The provisional new date is 19th December 2020 at John Charles Centre in Leeds.

We understand that this date may not be convenient even if the gala is allowed to run, so you are welcome to withdraw your child for a full refund.
Sharks return to training this week
Posted by lisa on 25 August
Sessions start this week at Crowle Leisure center aimed at returning to training and increasing fitness. All swimmers have been advised on session times and days.

Please remember your completed forms (paper copies) at your first session.
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An email was sent to all swimmer on the 14th August explaining that Sharks were in discussion with Crowle pool, with the possibility of securing pool time there, until Epworth Pool re-opens.

All swimmers who expressed interest in " Returning to Swimming" have been allocated 1 session per week, This is due to the high demand, numbers allowed in the pool at one time and the limited pool time. Hopefully swimmers will be able to increase sessions in the near future.

Swimmers must complete and return (paper copies) on the first session:
The Health Survey
Return to Training
Sign the Return to Swimming Guidance
and make a payment via BACS.

Thank you for your continued support over these unusual times.
Halloween Meet 2020 - Cancelled
Posted by Sally on 31 July
It is with regret that the committee have made the decision to cancel this year's gala.

After a lot of consideration, and the current restrictions due to Covid-19, we do not see how it would be possible to keep to the social distancing measures and run the gala to the same level as previous years. As of yet Swim England have not issued any regulations regarding competing or reinstated the licences.

We believe this decision is the best for everyone concerned.

Thank you for your continued support and we will let you know any information regarding returning to training/competing when we have it.
Important Information from Epworth Pool
Posted by Sally on 09 July
Please see below information from Epworth Pool following tonight's Government announcement.

We are aware of the announcement from the government that swimming pools can re open on 25th July.

At this moment the current restrictions mean that we are not in a position to re open on this date.

We need to ensure that not only our staff and customers are safe, we also need to ensure the long term future of Epworth Swimming Pool.

Running the pool at reduced capacity is not financially viable, and would put a huge strain on our community facility.

We are working with other pool operators, and will be monitoring any pools that do re open.

We will continue to review our position once the government issues its full guidance document.

We understand that this may be frustrating but we need to minimise the financial impact this will have on our pool.

We as a committee support the pool in their decisions and are working closely with them to ensure we have a pool to come back to and that it is done safely.
Return to the Pool Guidance Released 15th June
Posted by lisa on 18 June
After a meeting with the Manager and staff at Epworth Pool, a survey which we would like each swimmer to complete and return, (please ensure their name is on it) has been emailed out.

As yet there is no guidance from the Government as to when pools will be able to open or how. Rob Jenkins has things set in place ready to open but this will only happen when he feels it is safe and viable to do so.
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As a club we need to ensure all measures are in place as set out by Swim England and that we have everyone's best interests in mind. Training may not resume as soon as the pool opens but everyone is doing their best.

To make it clear as are many things at the moment, training will not be like it used to be and we will issue guidance nearer the time as regard to expectations and rules,it is likely to begin with swimmers will be allocated a time and a lane and they will have to stick to that for an allotted period. The squad system for the time being will not be used to allow siblings to swim at the same time.

Parents will not be allowed in the building/viewing area unless volunteering.There will be no swapping and changing due to tracking purposes.

We understand things are vague at the moment and that the swimmers want to be back in the water, but until we feel it can be done safely we have to wait.

To give a bit of notice we will need parents help at training sessions to ensure the safety of our children, there is a section at the end of the survey to fill in if you are willing to help, this will also determine how many sessions etc we are able to run when we can.

Thank you for your patience and support during this time, the full guidance from Swim England is available to read on their website.

We do need your responses to gauge the timetable upon return, if we don't receive anything your swimmer may not be allocated a slot.

If you have not received an email please contact:

Name of swimmer:-

1. Will you be returning to South Axolme Sharks once Epworth Swimming pool re-opens?

Yes, as soon as the club sessions restart
Yes, but not immediately
No, I will not be returning

Please comment below to provide more detail to the above question. For example, please explain when you may return if not returning immediately.

2. For those planning to return to the club, will you be returning in the same capacity? (please note not all sessions will be available immediately and things are subject to change)

I want to return with the same commitment
I want to change my level of commitment

3. If you plan to change your level of commitment. Please use the comment box below to give more information. For example you may want to increase or decrease the amount you swim, or stop competing

4. Do you have any fears or concerns about returning to the club?


If you answered yes to the question above, please give more detail below, including what we, as a club can do to calm those fears.

5. What are you most looking forward to, in terms of returning to the water?

6. To support the club over the next few months, would your parents/ guardian be willing and able to volunteer some of their time? This will be necessary to conform with the COVID-19 legislation provided by Swim England to ensure a return to the water is safe for everyone.

If yes please leave name and contact details below.

Scunthorpe Anchor Remembrance Day Meet
Posted by lisa on 09 June
The next meet on our calendar after the Halloween Meet is the Scunthorpe Anchor Remembrance Meet. You may remember that last year Sharks took the top club trophy home from this meet, and it would be great to do a double.
Obviously this depends on the meet going ahead.

If you would like to enter, please email: with the following information;
Swimmer Name
Age on Day
Swim England Number
Events entered
Spectator tickets required (1 per swimmer/session)
Total amount
We will not require payment until confirmation that the meet will go ahead.

Closing date for this meet is 20th June.
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General information about the Gala:

Sunday 15th November 2020
The Pods Leisure Centre, Scunthorpe

50m all strokes - 9 to 15yrs and over
100IM 9 to 12yrs, 200IM 13yrs and over.

9yrs - Medals 1st - 6th
10 to 15yrs and over – Medals 1st - 3rd
Top Visiting Club Trophy

Age as at 15th November 2020
Entries Open 1st April 2020
Closing date 13th September 2020 or when meet is FULL
£5.50 entry fee per event.

For further information please email :
Can we do it again?
Posted by lisa on 03 June
South Axholme Sharks own Halloween Meet is due to take place on Sunday the 25th October 2020. As we are in uncertain times the Committee have decided that we are planning for the event to go ahead, up until we hear any different from Swim England or Beverly Leisure Complex.
All Club Members have been emailed a entry form if you could return it via email asap, as entries open to all clubs on the 13th June 2020.
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Last year South Axholme Sharks had the biggest number of swimmers for many years and along with the mountain of medals, improvements in swimmers times, we were also Top Club at the meet. Something that we are very proud of, but we would like to do it again.

Who can take part?
Any swimmer from the club, age 9yrs or above on the day of the meet, you choose the events that you enter, the entry form tells you which session you would be in and further information can be found on the website.
Click on the Halloween Meet logo, or the tab on the left-hand side, both take you to a dedicated page which has all the information you need.
If you have any questions about the gala, or need advice on what to enter from the coaches please contact the club -
and someone will answer your questions asap.

Thank you for your continued support.
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