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Can we do it again?
Posted by lisa on 03 June
South Axholme Sharks own Halloween Meet is due to take place on Sunday the 25th October 2020. As we are in uncertain times the Committee have decided that we are planning for the event to go ahead, up until we hear any different from Swim England or Beverly Leisure Complex.
All Club Members have been emailed a entry form if you could return it via email asap, as entries open to all clubs on the 13th June 2020.
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Last year South Axholme Sharks had the biggest number of swimmers for many years and along with the mountain of medals, improvements in swimmers times, we were also Top Club at the meet. Something that we are very proud of, but we would like to do it again.

Who can take part?
Any swimmer from the club, age 9yrs or above on the day of the meet, you choose the events that you enter, the entry form tells you which session you would be in and further information can be found on the website.
Click on the Halloween Meet logo, or the tab on the left-hand side, both take you to a dedicated page which has all the information you need.
If you have any questions about the gala, or need advice on what to enter from the coaches please contact the club -
and someone will answer your questions asap.

Thank you for your continued support.
Return To Swimming
Posted by lisa on 01 June
A little bit of news from the club regarding the return to swimming.
We are strictly governed by both Swim England and Epworth Pool on when we can potentially return to swimming, and all I can tell you at the moment is that we don’t have a date as yet, however we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure we come up with a way of getting going as soon as we get the green light.

Also for anyone who is really missing their swimming, I know I am, open water may be returning this week in a very socially distanced fashion and if anyone would like to give it a try then please drop me an email, so that I can get an indication of interest.

Stuart - Head Coach

Viking Sprints rescheduled
Posted by lisa on 29 May
It will come as no surpise that Team Jorvik Viking Sprints will not be going ahead on June 20th this year, they are hoping to reschedule to September 27th 2020, subject to galas being allowed to go ahead.
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All existing entries have been carried forward to the new date, but do need confirming.
If this is not convenient for you, you may withdraw your child(ren) and all entry fees refunded.
All Sharks who have entered, have been contacted by the Open Meets Secretary, but you need to confirm whether you wish to keep your entry or withdraw.
If we have not had confirmation by 6th June then your swimmers will be withdrawn from the meet as we need to update the entries on this date.

All refunds will be issued once training commences.

Thank you for your continued support.
Stay safe everyone.
New Earswick summer sizzler
Posted by lisa on 19 May
Due to the current situation, New Earswick have not released the entry file for us to submit our entries, to their Gala on the 4th July 2020.

All refunds for entries will be returned once we are able to resume training at the pool.

We will let you know any further updates on other meets when we have the details.
Gala update
Posted by lisa on 16 May
As anticipated we have had notification that:

Doncaster Dartes B Grade Gala due to take place on Sunday the 2nd June 2020 and
BoBSC Summer Sizzler due to take place on Sunday the 12th July 2020 have been cancelled.
Also Jorvik Sprints due to take place on 20th June.

Further information will be issued as we receive it.

Information Update
Posted by lisa on 13 May
We have had no information regarding returning to training from Swim England and Epworth pool has no update about re-opening.
Once the pool does re-open, we as a club will have to work with the pool, to ensure all safety precautions are taken and no-one is put at any risk.

South Axholme Sharks are cancelling Club Champs 2 to be held in June.
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Regarding forthcoming gala's, Swim England have put a hold on all Licenses for the present time so no gala's can take place, once training resumes, as a club, we will look into when competing is advisable along with the hold on licences being lifted.

Up coming galas for Sharks swimmers:

Dartes B Grade - no update
Jorvik Viking Sprints - no update
New Earswick - no entry file provided to put entries in
Borough of Barnsley - no update

Thank you for your co-operation and we will keep you informed.
Neve Wilkinson won't let Lockdown stop her training...
Posted by Cris on 27 April
Neve Wilkinson puts the recent good weather, a back yard pool and a length of bungee rope to good use and continues her swim training during Lockdown.

Check out the video . . .

. . . and what are you doing to be race ready when meets get going again?
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Locked Down Sharks take on the 'Toilet Roll Challenge' . . .
Posted by Cris on 17 April
Annie Wilson has been encouraging Sharks swimmers to share some fun during lockdown. Read more to see how they all got on.

It's well worth a look!
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I hope you are all staying safe during lockdown.

I've been thinking of something we could do to show that we are busy during lockdown and, after seeing the Toilet Roll Challenge on facebook and other social media sites, I thought it was perfect.

I contacted all the older swimmers I could and asked them to join in and the video below is the result.

I hope we are back at swimming soon, stay safe!!!

Girls Captain

September Sprints 2020
Posted by lisa on 30 March
We are looking forward to when we might be able to swim again, DARTES will be holding their September Sprints Meet at Beverley. The information for this meet was up at the pool, but we appreciate you may have missed it before the pool closed.

Details can be found below or at:
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Email entries to

Please include
Swimmer name:
Which events to enter:
Spectator tickets required (state session):
Total amount payable:

Please note our club has a closing date of 27th May 2020, or as soon as the meet is full.

A/B/C Grade Gala

License Level 3 applied for
(Held under ASA Laws and Technical Rules)

Sunday, 13th September 2020 at Beverley Sports Complex

Morning session - warm up 8.00am
Girls 11, 12, and 15+years
Boys 9, 10, 13 and 14 years

Afternoon session - warm up 1.00pm
Girls 9,10, 13 and 14 years
Boys 11, 12 and 15+ years

All ages 50m Free, Back, Breast, Fly and 100m IM
9yrs ungraded with no cut-offs

All other ages Graded A,B & C with cut-offs. All events HDW.

Age on Day

Tons of Spot Prizes

Awards to top 3 in each age group and grade

Top Boy & Top Girls in each age group
Top Club

Entry Fees: £5.50 per individual event.

Entries accepted on a “First come, first served” basis.

Spectator tickets purchased in advance,
Adults £4.50 per session/ £8 full day,
Children/ OAPs £3.00 per session/ £5.00 full day

Cancellation of Fees
Posted by Sally on 19 March
Due to the cancellation of Sharks training, if you wish to stop paying your fees, it is YOUR responsibility to stop your standing order, the pool is unable to do this for you.
Also it will be up to you to set it up again when training recommences.

Keep your eye on the website for updates.

The committee would like to thank you all for your support and understanding during this challenging time, hope you all stay well and safe and will see you all back at training sometime in the future.
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