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British Para-Swimming World Series 2020
Posted by Sally on 13 February
For the fourth year in a row the World Para Swimming World Series is coming to Great Britain and once again will be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.
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This meet showcases the world's best para-swimmers, building up for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. 2019 saw over 1300 swimmers from 84 countries competing.

The series this year starts this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, then goes to Italy, Brazil, SHEFFIELD, USA, Singapore and ends in Berlin in June.

This is a fantastic event, that I attended last year was so inspirational. Our swimmers should never say that they can not do something as the para-swimmers are unbelievable in what they achieve. To see it first hand is amazing.

The World Series in Sheffield takes place from the 9th April -12th April 2020 at Ponds Forge, tickets are priced £3.50 for concessions and £4.00 for adults and are available from Tickets for heats and finals available.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see para-swimmers before Tokyo and on our doorstep

South Axholme Sharks Club Captains for 2020
Posted by lisa on 07 February
We are proud to announce our following Club Captains for 2020

Boys Captain - Thomas Crow
Girls Captain - Annie Wilson
Boys Vice Captain - Rohan Addlesee
Girls Vice Captain - Lizzie McCallum

Read below to find out the qualities that make a good captain.
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Role of the Club Captain

The Club Captain provides a central point of contact and is the vital link for athletes within the club. The role of the Club Captain is to represent the views of the athletes and contribute to the development of the club, by providing thoughts and comments from an athlete perspective.

Duties of the Club Captain
  • Be a person that all athletes can contact and talk to about any comments or questions they may have.
  • Provide a voice for athletes at the club and raise any issues to the committee when necessary.
  • Be a positive role model for all members of the club.
  • Communicate with fellow team members and provide support and advice where needed.
  • Encourage club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities.
  • Welcome new members to the club.

Skills and qualities required
  • Enthusiastic with a good knowledge of the club and athletes.
  • Be approachable and friendly.
  • Have the ability to seek and represent the views of others.
  • Be an excellent communicator.
  • Be a good listener.

Club Champions for 2019
Posted by lisa on 06 February
The overall club champion awards are awarded to the male and female swimmer, who has swam the fastest at each event over the year. Long course times are converted to short course.

Listed below are a list of events, the champions and their times:

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Club Champions 2020
EventBoys Champion Girls Champion
25m FreestyleKristopher Asher 13.64s Lizzie McCallum 14.22s
25m BackstrokeThomas Crow 15.85s Lizzie McCallum 15.97s
25m BreaststrokeThomas Crow 18.23s Annie Wilson 17.56s
25m ButterflyKristopher Asher 14.43sLizzie McCallum 14.89s
50m FreestyleThomas Crow 26.73s Lizzie McCallum 29.35s
50m BackstrokeThomas Crow 30.74s Lizzie McCallum 32.59s
50m BreaststrokeChristopher Grayson 35.73sAnnie Wilson 38.16s
50m ButterflyKristopher Asher 29.68s Lizzie McCallum 31.84s
100m FreestyleThomas Crow 59.23s Lizzie McCallum 1.03.46s
100m BackstrokeThomas Crow 1.06.47s Lizzie McCallum 1.12.40s
100m BreaststrokeKristopher Asher 1.23.09sAnnie Wilson 1.25.30s
100m ButterflyThomas Crow 1.09.31s Jessica Hather 1.12.30s
100m Individual MedleyThomas Crow 1.11.45s Lizzie McCallum 1.12.98s
200m FreestyleThomas Crow 2.22.10s Lizzie McCallum 2.30.43s
200m BackstrokeThomas Crow 2.28.58s Lizzie McCallum2.41.16s
200m BreaststrokeThomas Crow 3.06.90s Emily Exton 3.10.81s
200m ButterflyThomas Crow 3.01.90s Emily Exton 3.08.60s
200m Individual MedleyThomas Crow 2.31.42s Lizzie McCallum 2.42.87s
400m FreestyleThomas Crow 5.01.43s Poppy Livingstone 5.24.23s
400m Individual MedleyThomas Crow 5.40.55s Lizzie McCallum 6.01.42s
800m FreestyleThomas Crow 10.41.47s Jessica Hather 10.58.08s

Special Awards for 2019
Posted by lisa on 05 February
Congratulations to all the recipients of the special awards at Presentation evening. These awards are given to those swimmers who have been recognised for their positive attributes during the year.

The Coaching Team, Team Managers and Committee Members are asked to nominate swimmers who they think deserve recognition for any of the Special Awards.

Below is a list of the deserving recipients for 2019.
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Most Improved Swimmers
These awards are in recognition of the swimmers improvement in times and stamina. These swimmers have all shown dedication to swimming.
  • Most Improved Senior Boy – Oliver Crow
  • Most Improved Senior Girl – Caitlin Weir
  • Most Improved Junior Boy – William Dallinson
  • Most Improved Junior Girl – Holly Hadfield

Trainer of the Year – Lucy Porter
Awarded to a swimmer for 100% dedication in training sessions, someone who is always prepared, listens and tries hard.

Since joining us from another swimming club Lucy has really fitted in well at training, she has been a regular at the Sunday morning sessions.

Helper of the Year – Louise Maloigne
Awarded to anyone associated with the club, who has gone above and beyond in the interest of the club.

Louise is a regular at swimming galas representing Sharks, often seen walking the length of the pool all day, as an official and has recently taken up training as a Referee.

Young Helper of the Year – Anna Drury
New for this year, this award is for a young person who is associated with the club, not necessarily a swimmer. Someone who has been helpful throughout the year.

Anna is a regular at Club Champs and May sprints not only is she keen to help with the raffle/door, she also tirelessly runs results from the Referees table where the results are processed.

Gillat Cup – Beth Lewis
Awarded to a junior member who has shown dedication and commitment to swimming and has made improvements in times and training.

Beth has competed in Open Meets this year, often with excellent performances. She has taken on the challenges of longer distance swims at Club Champs, although Beth is a quieter swimmer her progress and attitude has been recognised.

Hayleigh Dunne Memorial Trophy – Kristopher Asher
Awarded to a senior member who has shown traits that Hayleigh had as a swimmer. Encouraging, supporting, enthusiastic and a good role model.

Kristopher is an asset on poolside at galas often leading the younger members in warm ups. He is a source of encouragement to all swimmers, he is always polite and considerate.

Jonathan Exton Sportmanship Awards
A swimmer (one from each squad) who is supportive and encouraging to team members. Polite to coaches and team managers. Always puts 100% into competing and are gracious in victory and defeat. The awards this year were chosen by Jonathan’s family.

Reef Squad – Beau Dickerson
Beau is always willing to push himself, this year he has swam at both long and short course meets, and Club Champs often taking up the challenge of longer distances.

Mako Squad – Amelia Wilkinson
Amelia is a swimmer who always puts 100 % into training and competing. She is someone who has a positive attitude to both her swimming and other team members.

Great Whites Squad – McKenna Wilkinson
Although Mckenna is a very good all round sportsperson, she always pleased for her fellow team members in their progress, and is very gracious in her own performances.

Team Managers Award – Daniella Milner
New for this Year. A swimmer who arrives prepared for a Gala, listens to Team Managers and follows instruction. They are polite and helpful to other swimmers.

Daniella is very polite, listens and is always prepared at a gala. She is an pleasure to have on poolside for both Team Managers and fellow swimmers.

Head Coach's Award for Dedication – Natalia Bradwell
Awarded to a swimmer who has impressed with their dedication and progress, and has shown interest in training sessions and the club.

Natalia has steadily improved her times this year, her attitude towards her swimming and coaches never changes, she is consistent with her application to her training.

Head Coach's Award for Most Improved – Eva Temperton-Croft
Awarded to a swimmer who has improved the most , not only in times, but in attitude, technique and performance.

Eva's confidence in her ability has lead to her not only improving her times, but also her performance when competing.

Female Open Water Awards – Holly Hadfield/Niamh Noble
Both swimmers have shown dedication to Open Water Swimming throughout the season. They have both been regulars, taking part in out door swims.

Age Group Awards for 2019
Posted by lisa on 31 January
The age group awards are awarded to the fastest swimmer, within the age group, at each event over the year.

Swimmers may receive two different awards, depending on birthdays. Swims at open meets, club champs team galas are considered, with long course times converted to short course. The age groups are 8yrs/U, 9yrs, 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs, 14-15yrs, 16-20yrs and 21yrs/O - as swum at club champs. Swimmers competing in club champs also get a certificate of achievement showing times achieved.

The recipients for the trophies awarded at the 2019 Presentation Evening are listed below.

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Age Group Awards 2019
Will Gorsen 9yrs50m Freestyle
Henry Gibb9yrs25m Backstroke
100m Breaststroke
Beau Dickerson10-11yrs25m Butterfly
800m Freestyle
Bobby Evans10-11yrs400m Freestyle
50m Breaststroke
100m Individual Medley
Harry Garbutt10-11yrs25m Breaststroke
William Smith10-11yrs25m Freestyle
Alfie Nixon10-11yrs25m, 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
50m, 100m, 200m Freestyle
50m, 100m Butterfly
100m, 200m Breaststroke
200m, 400m Individual Medley
12-13yrs200m, 400m, 800m Freestyle
100m, 200m Backstroke
200m Butterfly
200m, 400m Individual Medley
Harry Buttrick12-13yrs 50m Freestyle
50m Backstroke
50m Butterfly
Daniel Carter12-13yrs25m, 100m Freestyle
25m Breaststroke
25m, 100m Butterfly
100m Individual Medley
Samuel Forster12-13yrs50m Breaststroke
200m Breaststroke
Leo Maloigne12-13yrs100m Breaststroke
Jack Warr12-13yrs25m Backstroke
Thomas Crow14-15yrs50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m Freestyle
25m, 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
25m,100m, 200m Breaststroke
25m, 100m, 200m Butterfly
100m, 200m, 400m Individual Medley
Kristopher Asher14-
25m Freestyle
50m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
16-20yrs50m, 100m, 200m, 800m Freestyle
50m, 100m Backstroke
25m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke
25m, 50m, 100m Butterfly
100m,200m Individual Medley
Greg Clarke21yrs & O50m Backstroke
50m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
Darren Fordham21yrs & O50m Freestyle
Christopher Grayson16-20yrs50m Breaststroke
Beth Lewis9yrs25m, 400m Freestyle
25m, 200m Backstroke
50m butterfly
100m Individual Medley
Neve Wilkinson9yrs50m, 100m, 200m Freestyle
50m, 100m Backstroke
50m, 100m Breaststroke
Joanna McCallum10-11yrs25m, 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m Freestyle
25m 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
25m, 50m, 200m Breaststroke
25m, 50m, 100m Butterfly
100m, 200m Individual Medley
Holly Hadfield12-13yrs400m Freestyle
Emma Heywood12-13yrs25m Freestyle
Daniella Milner12-13yrs200m Breaststroke
Niamh Noble12-13yrs800m Freestyle
Caitlin Wier12-13yrs100m Butterfly
200m Backstroke
200m Individual Medley
Mckenna Wilkinson12-13yrs25m Breaststroke
25m Butterfly
Lizzie McCallum12-13yrs50m, 100m, 200m Freestyle
25m,50m,100m Backstroke
50m, 100m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
100m, 400m Individual Medley
14-15yrs25m, 50m, 100m Freestyle
50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
25m, 50m, 100m Butterfly
100m, 200m Individual Medley
Emily Exton  14-15yrs800m Freestyle
200m Breaststroke
400m Individual Medley
Annie Wilson14-15yrs25m Backstroke
25m, 50m, 100m Breaststroke
Poppy Livingstone14-15yrs200m, 400m Freestyle
16-20yrs100m Freestyle
Jessica Hather16-20yrs100m, 800m Freestyle
25m, 50m, 100m Butterfly
Charlotte Wilson16-20yrs25m, 50m, 200m, 400m Freestyle
25m, 50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
25m, 50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke
100m, 200m Individual Medley
Cheryl Carter21yrs & O50m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
Dianne Eke21yrs & O50m Backstroke

Meet the Committee for 2020
Posted by lisa on 30 January
Following the club Annual General Meeting last week we are proud to recognise the Committee elected for 2020.

The club Chairman gave an upbeat annual report which you can read in full below.

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Chairman's Report
The club has had another successful year, both financially and performance wise. As our main source of income, the Halloween Meet has certainly bolstered the coffers, and we do need to look at ways of spending the money for the benefit of all the swimmers. Of course the Halloween Meet brought success with the top club trophy, followed by the same at Scunthorpe Remembrance Meet a few weeks later.

At the long course Yorkshires we had ten swimmers attending, but only one of those qualified for the North East Regional’s. The short course Yorkshires were better with thirteen swimmers, two of them first time qualifiers. The short course NER’s had three swimmers, with one qualifying for the first time with four swims.

I think we need to be pro-active with the swimmers that have either qualified, or close to qualifying. This may involve targeted training sessions, but I’ll leave that to the coaching team. We have eight swimmers going to the Yorkshires in February, though four more qualified but are unable to go.

Club champs continued to be well supported though, due to the mix up at Gainsborough, we had ten withdrawals for Gala 3. Overall, there wasn’t quite as many attending club champs as the year before, but there is no cause for concern. We possibly need to look at keeping spectators to the end of gala 4 when we have the 8oom. It may mean splitting the boys and girls over 2 galas, but we can look at options.

We continue to be part of the DMASA, but other than their galas which are administrated by Dartes at the moment, we do not receive much in the way of communication from them. I don’t know what the future holds for the DMASA, but we will continue monitoring.

Thank you for your continued support and hard work through the year, especially the efforts of the committee, coaches, timekeepers, and officials that make our galas so successful.

Looking forward to this year, we should endeavor to build on our success at county and regional galas. We should encourage more swimmers to compete at open meets, and try to do more activities away from the pool. This might be at a water park, team building exercise or even just a barbecue. We are always open to suggestions. We should also try to be more approachable, and look at ways to get parents involved in the running of their club.

Lets look forward to 2020 and build on the successes we have had over the past twelve months.

Paul Crow

This years committee are:
Paul CrowChairperson and Team Manager
Stuart LivingstoneHead Coach and Vice Chair
Sally WilsonSecretary and Swim Mark Coordinator
Stewart WatsonTreasurer
Karen BarkerWelfare Officer
Sarah CrowOpen Meet Secretary
Hayley AsherMinutes Secretary
Lisa WilkinsonEvents Coordinator and Team Manager
Kim UptonResults Secretary
Carol HadfieldResults Secretary
Ros HatherMember and Teacher

Special thanks go to Louise Maloigne and Margaret Gray who have both stepped down from the committee year, but will continued to support the club throughout the year.

Please see noticeboard or the Committee tab on the website to put a face to a name.
Interested in Becoming a Competitive Swimmer?
Posted by lisa on 24 January
Although Sharks is an inclusive club, it is predominantly a competitive swimming club, and all members are encouraged to participate in some of the galas the club attends.

But which competitions are for you?

This article will help you with what you need to know, including a full explanation of the three types of competition the club participates in.
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Competing with Sharks

There are three main types of Galas that South Axholme Sharks attend: Club Champs/May Sprints, Open Meets and Team Galas. You will hear competitions referred to as both 'galas' and 'meets'. They mean the same thing.

Club Champs

Who decides who goes? – The swimmer.

Who decides what events and how many to swim? – The swimmer, although some of the longer distances are at the Head Coaches discretion. Your Coach will help you decide if you are unsure. Events vary at each Gala.

Is there a cost? – Yes £2.50 per event entered.

Where and when are the Club Champs held? – This year these events will take place at Gainsborough Leisure Centre. DN21 1EP.
  • Club Champs 1 – 25th April
  • Club Champs 2 – 13th June
  • Club Champs 3 – 14th November
  • Club Champs 4 – 21st November
  • All the above have a 6:00pm warm-up

Who will I swim against? – Boys and girls have separate events, but you will swim against other swimmers of similar times, if you haven’t swam before you will be entered in the event as no time.

How do I know which age group I am in? – Medals are awarded to the top three boys and girls in the following age groups: 8yrs and under, 9yrs, 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs, 14-15yrs 16-20yr and 21yrs and over, in all events. A swimmers age is as on the day of the event.

Can I earn points from swimming? – Yes - each time you swim at a Gala you earn 5 points on the Gala Points reward system. You can also add to your Sprint Ladder total each time you gain a personal best time in an event.

Where do I find out about the Galas? – Entry forms are emailed out to all members, and information can be found on the noticeboard. Please note that there is a closing date for entries and late entries cannot accepted. It is the swimmer/parents responsibility to enter and forms along with payment can be posted in the Sharks post box at the pool, or handed to a member of the Committee.

May Sprints

Who decides who goes? – The swimmer.

Who decides what events and how many to swim? – The swimmer. Distance swam are 20m, 40m, and 60m in all four strokes with an 80m Individual Medley.

Is there a cost? – Yes £2.50 per Gala.

Where and when are the Club Champs held? – This year these events will take place at Epworth Swimming Pool.
  • May Sprints 1 Gala – 2nd May
  • May Sprint 2 Gala – 16th May
  • Warm up for both starts at 2:00pm

Who will I swim against? – Boys and girls have separate events, but you will swim against other swimmers of similar times, if you haven’t swam before you will be entered in the event as no time.

How do I know which age group I am in? – Age on day of the event. Medals are awarded to all swimmers for participation.

All other information is the same as for Club Champs.

Open Meets – including Sharks Halloween Meet

Who decides who goes? – The swimmer. Most Galas that Sharks enter have cut –Off times and swimmers must not have swam faster than the upper times. Entry times decide on the grade swimmers are entered in. Higher level meets have entry times, swimmers must have swam faster than these times to qualify for these Galas.

Who decides what events and how many to swim? – The swimmer, at some Galas depending on your age group will be either morning session, or afternoon session, some Galas are all day. It is the swimmers decision on which events to swim.
Is there a cost? – Yes per event entered.

Where and when are the Open Meets held? – Dates for Open Meets vary during the year. A list can be found on the website, further dates can be added during the year. The main venues for Galas Sharks enter are:
  • Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield
  • John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds
  • East Riding Leisure Centre, Beverley
  • Adwick Leisure Centre, Doncaster

Who will I swim against? – Boys and girls have separate events, but you will swim against other swimmers of similar times and age, if you haven’t swam before you will be entered in the event as no time. Depending on the Gala Meet Conditions and your personal best time will depend on which Grade you swim in. Some Galas, though, are graded on the day - how you swim on the day decides which grade you are placed in the results.

How do I know which age group I am in? – Most galas are age on the day of the gala, but some usually the DMASA galas, and the higher level meets such as the Yorkshire Championships are age as of the 31st December.

Can I earn points from swimming? – Yes – the same rules apply as Club Champs. You can also gain points that accumulate to make a team score, and can result in being part of the top team at the Gala.
Often at Open Meets there are Top boy/ Girl awards this is an accumulation of points for all events swam, the swimmer with the most points within an age group could be awarded a trophy. The medals awarded vary from meet to meet.

Where do I find out open meets? – Meet pack are available near the noticeboard, all the information for the individual meets is available, please be aware that there is a closing date and some meets fill up really quickly. It is the swimmers/ parents responsibility to submit entry forms in plenty of time.

If you require any assistance please ask a member of the Committee or Coaching Team.

Team Galas

Who decides who goes? – Coach

Who decides what events and how many to swim? – Coach

Is there a cost? – No

Who will I swim against? - Usually swimmers in your age group. Sometimes you may be asked to swim up an age group to give the team the chance of a better overall score.

How do I know which age group I am in? – Your Coach will tell you.

Can I earn points from swimming? – Yes - each time you swim at a Gala you earn 5 points on the Gala Points reward system. You can also add to your Sprint Ladder total each time you gain a personal best time in an individual events. Relay teams do not count as personal best times.
Points for the team may be gained for each event swam.

Where do I find out about these Galas? - On the noticeboard. Either the Coach will ask for volunteers available on the day of the gala, or a team sheet will be provided and swimmers are to confirm their availability.

For Club Champs, May Sprints and Team Galas you need Swim England Category 1 Membership. For Open Meets you need Swim England Category 2 membership, which if you need to update needs to be paid before you swim at the gala.

Presentation Evening for 2019
Posted by lisa on 20 January
Thank you to everyone who attended our annual presentation evening, it was a great evening celebrating all our swimmers and their achievements over the past year.

Anyone who could not join us and has an award these will be handed out over the next few weeks at the pool.

All Halloween meet plaques, sprint ladder blocks, club champion medals and NER salvers are yours to keep.

The age group championship trophies and blocks, are yours to hold for the year and should be returned by the second week in December, or if you stop swimming with the club as part of your resignation. The Special awards are also held for a year, and the same applies to those. Anyone who received one of these awards on Saturday, could you please bring them in this week so we can have them engraved with your details on. The sooner we have them all, the sooner we can return them to you.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

South Axholme Sharks Committee

ASA Fees
Posted by lisa on 20 January
A reminder: if you have not already paid your ASA fees, they are due as soon as possible after the end of January. Details can be found on the website, posted 28th November.

Anyone not having paid fees by the end January will not be able to swim for insurance purposes. If you then wish to continue swimming, you will have to pay a re-joining fee as well as the annual fees.

Swim England fees need to be paid at the pool reception.

If you are no longer planning on swimming at Sharks, could you please email us to notify us of your resignation so we can remove swimmers details.
So Another Year Over and a A New One Just Begun . . .
Posted by lisa on 11 January
What did South Axholme Sharks achieve in 2019?

Sharks had 3 swimmers qualify for the NERS in 9 events. We were TOP CLUB at our own Halloween Meet and then again two weeks later TOP VISITING CLUB at Scunthorpe Anchors Remembrance Day Gala.

Three swimmers (Thomas Crow, Joanna McCallum and Lizzie McCallum) competed at the North East Region Championships.

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We competed in 19 Open Meets (a mixture of long and short course):
  • 5 Yorkshire Weekends
  • 4 Club Championships
  • 3 Fun Nights
  • 2 May Sprint Galas
  • 1 Masters Gala
  • 1 Team Friendly

Fourteen swimmers qualified for the Yorkshire Championship over the Year:
Kristopher Asher
Harry Buttrick
Daniel Carter
Thomas Crow
Samuel Forter
Christopher Grayson
Jessica Hather
Joanna McCallum
Lizzie McCallum
Alfie Nixon
McKenna Wilkinson
Neve Wilkinson
Annie Wilson
Charlotte Wilson

Forty Nine swimmers represented Sharks at our Halloween Meet to bring home the TOP CLUB trophy, something we have been close to for the last few years, and this year it was achieved.
Nadine Addlesee
Rohan Addlesee
Isla Asher
Kristopher Asher
Hannah Barker
Caitlin Bradwell
Natalia Bradwell
Harry Buttrick
Bethan Carlile
Daniel Carter
Ellie Carter
Louis Craighill
Oliver Craighill
Oliver Crow
Thomas Crow
William Dallinson
Beau Dickerson
Georgia Drury
Bobby Evans
Emily Exton
Sam Forster
Harry Garbutt
Christopher Grayson
Holly Hadfield
Jessica Hather
Emma Heywood
Emma Hughes
Beth Lewis
Poppy Livingstone
Elodie Maloigne
Leo Maloigne
Joanna McCallum
Lizzie McCallum
Daniella Milner
Alfie Nixon
Niamh Noble
Eva Phillipson
Lucy Porter
Grace Rowing
William Smith
Eva Temperton-Croft
Molly Warr
Amelia Wilkinson
Mckenna Wilkinson
Neve Wilkinson
Annie Wilson
Charlotte Wilson
Isabel Winsborough

May Sprint Galas were again a success, allowing swimmers an insight into competitive swimming. Over the two Galas 27 Club Records were broken. Some had stood since 2001. The distances the events are swam over were 20m, 40m, 60m in all four strokes and an 80m Individual Medley.

51 Club Records fell during 2019 - an amazing achievement for all those who were able to take a record and be part of the Club's history.

1458 Personal Best Times were swam by South Axholme Shark Members, which lead to 27 swimmers achieving Gala Points rewards:
50 PointsBeau Dickerson, Holly Carlile, Samuel Bond, William Smith, Niamh Noble, Eva Temperton-Croft, Isla Asher, William Dallinson
100 PointsGeorgia Drury, Neve Wilkinson, Matthew Bond, Beau Dickerson
200 PointsCaitlin Weir, Eva Phillipson, Nadine Addlesee
300 PointsJoanna McCallum, Daniella Milner, Elodie Maloigne and Amelia Wilkinson
400 PointsKristopher Asher, Leo Maloigne, Alfie Nixon, Natalia Bradwell, Hannah Barker, Joanna McCallum
500 PointsCaitlin Bradwell
750 PointsEmily Exton

The three fun nights were well supported with the games again put together by Pete Smith and his marvelous imagination, along with Pete’s Helpers Richard and Dan. The nights proved to be a success in bringing the squad members together.

So, onto 2020 and what will it bring for South Axholme Sharks. Could you be part of the success for this year? Watch this space for all achievements as they happen.
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