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No Training Sessions today  
Covid 19 - update
Posted by lisa on 17 October
Following the recent changes made by the government relating to the tier system for guidance on Covid-19 can we please ask that you stress the importance of social distancing to swimmers.
The pool is currently in tier 1 (medium risk) but as we border South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw who are in tier 2 (high risk) social distancing is so important.
We have swimmers from all corners of the Isle and who attend a variety of schools/colleges within both tiers 1 and 2. School formed bubbles are irrelevant at swimming and everyone should social distance without having to be reminded, coaches and pool staff should not need to have to keep reminding swimmers.
We thank you all in your support of the club returning to swimming and would appreciate your help on this matter.

Also could I ask that if you have swimmers who are self isolating or unable to make a session for other reasons you drop us an email so we know who we are expecting, registers are kept for track and trace regulations.

Sharks return home to Epworth
Posted by lisa on 08 October
After a long 6 months away from training, it has been fantastic to see so many keen swimmers wanting to return to training at Epworth, the home of South Axholme Sharks.

Although training sessions are very different, to what they where before. its time to start working hard, improving fitness and preparing for the time when competing can commence again.
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All swimmers have been issued with a Return to swimming Guidance, it is very important that they adhere to it, for the safety of everyone concerned.

Swimmers are allocated a session and they will remain in those bubbles for the foreseeable future. Siblings will attend in the same session to minimise risk.

If a swimmer has been asked to self isolate from school, college or work, they must not attend any sessions while in isolation. The Coaching Team will be taking a register at the beginning of each session, please let them know if you are not attending.

Payments for swimming are now back, as before paid through Epworth Pool, and should be paid by the 7th of each month via BACS or standing order.

If you have any questions or would like any further advice please contact the Club.

Thank you for your continued support

County Championships postponed.
Posted by lisa on 08 October
The County Championship due to take place in February 2021 have been postponed due to the current situation.

A copy of the letter from Barry Saunders, can be found below.
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County Swimming Championship 2021

Swimmers and Parents/Carers will realise that it would not be possible to deliver the County Swimming Championships in February 2021 with the current social distancing rules in place.

The indications are that the current restrictions will not be relaxed by HM Government in the foreseeable future.

It should be presumed, at this stage,that the County Championships will not take place as planned.

Should the situation improve, which is highly unlikely, we will publish an update as soon as practicable.

We anticipate that it may be possible to hold the County Championships after the Regional Championships, in late May/early June 2021.

I realise that this will be a disappointment to many swimmers but the safety of our members must take priority over all other considerations.

Barry J Saunders
Swimming Secretary
Yorkshire Swimming Association
5th October 2020
Important information regarding training at Crowle Pool
Posted by Sally on 25 September

Following the recent government guidelines the following changes have been put in place at Axholme North Leisure Centre. Please can you pass this on to your club members.


1. Anyone entering the building aged 16+ must scan into the centre using the NHS Covid-19 app where possible, we have the QR codes around the centre and displayed on the outdoor areas. If someone cannot download the app or doesn't have a smart phone we also have another option of signing into the building, but they must visit reception to do this. This will take longer but unfortunately we can no longer use our booking records for test and trace.


2. Anyone entering the building aged 11+ must wear a face covering in corridors and changing areas, these can be removed during the activity. Coaches may also remove their face covering when coaching an activity indoors. For those that are exempt due to medical reasons we will not need to see proof.


Important information - Covid 19
Posted by lisa on 21 September
We are aware that there has been a confirmed case of Covid 19 at South Axholme Academy, and that some children from various year groups have been asked to isolate until the 5th Oct.
As with anyone isolating swimmers must NOT attend the swimming sessions held by South Axholme Sharks.

If you could let us know if this affects your child, we would be grateful.

Thank you for your cooperation at this time.
Ros Hather
Covid Lead
South Axholme Sharks
Additional Limited Training Spaces Available
Posted by Sally on 07 September
The club has been lucky enough to secure more pool time at Crowle until we are able to commence training at Epworth, this takes us up until October now.

These are open to swimmers who have not already been allocated a session. The sessions are pre-book only.

If you are interested and would like to book a slot please contact the Club:
DARTES September Sprints - CANCELLED
Posted by Paul on 07 September
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We have now received the following email from Doncaster DARTES about their September Sprints Meet.

It will come as no surprise to you all but the September Sprints meet due to take place this weekend has had to be cancelled. Due to the current situation we have no option but to take this course of action.

We would like to thank you for all your support with this gala and we obviously wish things were different.

We hope to see you all competing at a Dartes run gala in 2021!

Viking Sprints 2020 - postponed
Posted by lisa on 25 August
We have now had confirmation from Team Jorvik that they have again postponed their Viking Sprints gala (should have been in June then September). The provisional new date is 19th December 2020 at John Charles Centre in Leeds.

We understand that this date may not be convenient even if the gala is allowed to run, so you are welcome to withdraw your child for a full refund.
Sharks return to training this week
Posted by lisa on 25 August
Sessions start this week at Crowle Leisure center aimed at returning to training and increasing fitness. All swimmers have been advised on session times and days.

Please remember your completed forms (paper copies) at your first session.
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An email was sent to all swimmer on the 14th August explaining that Sharks were in discussion with Crowle pool, with the possibility of securing pool time there, until Epworth Pool re-opens.

All swimmers who expressed interest in " Returning to Swimming" have been allocated 1 session per week, This is due to the high demand, numbers allowed in the pool at one time and the limited pool time. Hopefully swimmers will be able to increase sessions in the near future.

Swimmers must complete and return (paper copies) on the first session:
The Health Survey
Return to Training
Sign the Return to Swimming Guidance
and make a payment via BACS.

Thank you for your continued support over these unusual times.
Halloween Meet 2020 - Cancelled
Posted by Sally on 31 July
It is with regret that the committee have made the decision to cancel this year's gala.

After a lot of consideration, and the current restrictions due to Covid-19, we do not see how it would be possible to keep to the social distancing measures and run the gala to the same level as previous years. As of yet Swim England have not issued any regulations regarding competing or reinstated the licences.

We believe this decision is the best for everyone concerned.

Thank you for your continued support and we will let you know any information regarding returning to training/competing when we have it.
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